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2008-04-07 : Week In Review

I’m going to try this here and on the forums to see which one gets more response… if, you know, any…

The basic idea behind the Week in Review is that sometimes I want to comment on my own comics… difficulties I had working something out, origins of a joke, interesting things you may not have known, alternate versions of punchlines… stuff like that. Also, since I often will draw the comics first out in pencil/paper (usually just a storyboard to script action and placements out), if I have a really good rough sketch I might post those here from time to time.

This week was “Big Things” theme week, a week dedicated to objects larger than a
prehistoric man-eating breadbox:

  • Title: The Terror of Gayzilla
  • Date: Monday, 4-7-2008
  • Style: Experimental (Neon on black)
  • Creation: The style mostly came about from two sources… I was playing around with PSP’s “Neon” Picture Tube tool trying to come up with something neat to use it for (other than lightsabers) and decided to make a frame for the comic. Then, some buildings… then the rest just sort of happened.
  • Notes: Obviously a riff on Godzilla and the other kaiju which were formative in my youth. This was actually the 3rd AOD comic I ever wrote, and one of my personal favorites, however for some reason I kept putting off putting it up until now.
  • The Apple is hidden on the guy’s shirt in the last panel.
  • Title: Fowl Play
  • Date: Wednesday, 4-9-2008
  • Style: Standard (Color on light texture squares)
  • Creation: Played around with layers a bit for the squares here. There’s two layers of transparency, each with a different gradient, the bottom one slightly smaller than the top. That’s how the edges of the squares have that weird gauzy drop-off effect. Other than that, I did some shading… that’s about it.
  • Notes: I’m a big fan of “misunderstanding” jokes. This is actually a play on the classic “Duck!” joke, except in reverse and with a giant pissed-off chicken. The guy in the hoodie is named Art, and he will be back.
  • The Apple is hidden in the logo on the truck in the 3rd panel.
  • Title: Curse of the Giantess
  • Date: Friday, 4-11-2008
  • Style: Standard (Color on light texture squares)
  • Creation: This one was a pain in the ass. I drew the entire thing once in vectors, then before I had a chance to color it (or save it) Windows Vista decided that it was time to restart my computer. So then I drew it again. Grrr. Then again, I think the second one may actually have come out better.
  • Notes: The return of the knight from the Law & Order comic a couple weeks ago! Once again, he’s getting the short end of the stick. This comic was inspired by my good friend “Mike”… I don’t remember how this came up, but I said something about a giantess using a sheep in an “alternative to normal sheep usage” method… and he recoiled in horror… and then it was a webcomic.
  • The Apple is hidden as the jewelled top of the king’s staff in Panel 3.

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