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Author’s Notes From The Future:  A classic example of my desire to fit too many words into a single comic.  I called this particular style of comics “Negative Space” due to the fact that I’ve chosen to only color in certain elements, particularly the Newscaster’s face.  This style didn’t work so well on these, but it gave rise to (and has been pulled off with much more success) the same general format I use for Gayzilla now.

Eyecatches: The Newscaster’s name (it’s a bad joke, I know); The Apple is hidden in the 3rd panel as one of the continents on the planet; The praying mantis in panel 4 is wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of Rape-kun from Errant Story

Beating the Dead Horse:  Sweeps Week is a US television term for a period a few times a year when networks pull out all the stops in order to attract viewers.  They do this riiiiiight before they determine their prices for advertising, in the hopes that it will inflate viewership and drive up costs.  Once upon a time, US networks did all sorts of “gimmick” shows, like Battle of the Network Stars or showing relatively new movies on network television (now a practice that is almost completely dead) or pushed sensational news stories (not dead… yet… alas).  Nowadays, they usually just time the season premieres and finales to coincide with Sweeps in order to draw in viewers.

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